What are Amino acids, Enzymes?

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Enzymes Amino Acids Are Important Roles in the Healthy Human Body.

Enzymes & Amino Acids are substances that help carry out a great number of the body’s functions, transforming food and chemical elements into other needed substances. Enzymes fragment and transform substances into others in order that they might be more easily assimilated or serve some other function. For example enzymes dissolve meat into amino acids. Or, they can produce hormones from amino acids.

Enzymes are made from proteins and essential for maintaining a great number of  the body’s functions. There are thousands of very important enzymes which maintain cell reactions.
Itsalso  helps eliminate toxins in the colon, kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin.
Enzymes produced by body, nevertheless, they can be obtained from fruits and vegetables like: mangoes, avocados, papaya, cucumbers, bananas, asparagus, and especially from wheat and barley sprouts. An important fact to know is that if vegetables are cooked or boiled,  the enzymes can be ruined since they very sensitive to heat. The ASE ending of the enzymes refers to the element upon which it acts, e.g. Lipase means that  it acts on lipids,  phosphatase means that is acts phosphorous.  
The most well known and important enzymes are the digestive enzymes than :
Amylase, Protease, Lipase which is help to inter alia eliminate toxins. Enzymes are important in the healthy human body.

These enzymes can be taken as nutritional supplements and obtained  drinks from natural ingredients.

Amino acids are the building  blocks of all protein.


What Are Amino Acids?

These are as important for nutrition as vitamins or minerals, since they are basic building blocks of  all proteins (very important constructive elements of our tissues), and that is some occasions are called dissolved proteins.
The type of proteins produced depends on how and with what these amino acids are combined. Each muscle, nerve, and tissue is made up of a different combination of amino acids, just as in the way bricks from the structure in a building.

Each protein that a person consumes is separated from its basic components by some enzymes and converted into amino acids, which later reform proteins with a different structure and function. The reconversion to proteins is carried out by a metabolic process determined by where the vitamins B6, B12, and Niacin intervene.

Just as proteins are formed by amino acids, so are enzymes and the majority of hormones formed by them? Therein lies the great importance of nourishing the body with foods and supplements which are contain them.

Developing children (Forever KIDS Multivitamin)and adolescents  require more proteins than an adult, since the adult only needs them for the simple purpose of replenishment. A child needs them for the construction of his tissues , muscles, bones, etc.

Body requires 23 principal amino acids of which 8 are essential

-and 15 non essential, The body (liver) synthesizes the 15 nonessential amino acids but the other 8 needed to be obtained by person through external sources.
Aloe Vera Gel, drinks contains all the essential amino acids that the body doesn’t produce, thus the importance of this products.

Aloe Vera Contained Essential Amino Acids:

1. L-Isoleucine: important in regulating energy and sugar level and transformed (metabolized) and converted into muscle tissue.

2. L-Leucine: An essential amino acid that is found in animal and vegetable proteins. Important for controlling the blood sugar level.

3. L-Lysine: for the construction of proteins principally in muscles and bones, and development of children. Helps the assimilation of calcium, to obtain greater mental concentration and intervene to mitigate the effects of colds and flu and herpes virus.

4. L-Methionine: helps remove poison wastes from liver and intervenes in the formation of the liver and kidney tissue. This amino acid helps the digestive system, weak muscles, fragile hear, and very beneficial for osteoporosis.

5. L-Phenylalanine: great help against obesity, and loss memory. It is important element in the production of collagen, the principal fibrous protein in the body. Due to its action in the central nervous system, these amino acids helps decrease the pain associated menstruation, and arthritis.

6. L-Tryptophan: it helps in weight control and allows the growth  of the hormones necessary for production of Vitamin B6 and Niacin. The brain utilizes this amino acid to produce Seretonina and Melatonina, neurotransmitters necessary for trasfering nervous impulses from one cell to another. The lack of them produces depression, loss of sleep, and other mental disorders. 

7. L-Threonine: this amino acid is found in the heart, central nervous system and muscles. It is very important in the formation of collagen and elastin, helps the liver and to maintain  the body proteins in balance.

8. L-Valine: this amino acid has a stimulating effect. It maintains the metabolism of muscles,  repairs tissues and balances nitrogen

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