Main benefits of Vitamin C / Forever Absorbent C

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Important role of Vitamin-C in human health &  Forever Absorbent C.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Nobel Prize winner

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Nobel Prize winner

In 1937, Albert Szent-Gyorgyi has won a Nobel price in Physiology or Medicine for vitamin C classification and detection. Szent-Gyorgyi understood that vitamin C has a much larger biological role in our body, than it was recognized at that period.

He said this in his acceptance speech:

“The medical profession itself took a very narrow and very wrong view. Lack of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) caused scurvy, so if there was no scurvy there was no lack of ascorbic acid. Nothing could be cleared than this. The only trouble was that scurvy is not a first Symptom of lack but a final collapse, a premarital syndrome and there is very wide gap between scurvy  and full health”

Consumption higher doses of vitamin C can lead to 65% reduction in cancer risk, studies has shown. Among other cancer, pancreatic cancer, the highest mortality malignancy, was 33% less likely of people with greater vitamin C blood levels.

 Lung Health :
-Many studies shown that vitamin C levels are lower in asthmatic patients, the result of excessive degradation of vitamin as it battles oxidant damage. High intakes of vitamin C are associated with improved lung function and delay in the deterioration that could lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Immune Boosting:
Vitamin C has been the subject of endless controversy regarding its ability to prevent the common cold. Strong evidence now supports the observation that  already 500 mg / day, taken regularly, can shorten the duration of common cold.
But the beneficial effects of vitamin C go much beyond the common cold. Immune system cells of almost every variety are able to concentrate vitamin C from blood (so long as ample vitamin C is available). The cells in immune system helps to fight free radicals in our body.
Vitamin C immune-boosting functions have a positive effect many another major health concern too.

Capitalize on the broad spectrum benefits of Absorbent C

√ Life depends on 8 major enzyme system, where vitamin C is an essential component.
√ vitamin C’s antioxidant assets enables in our body thousands of beneficial biochemical reactions in addition to its enzyme activity,.
√ Vitamin –C joined with other elements, supports in boosting the rate of absorption in the intestine and invigorates spent vitamin C molecules in the muscles.
√ Vitamin C’s extensive range of fitness benefits makes improving blood and tissue levels a priority. Individuals with higher consumption levels of vitamin c typically have less problems with asthma, reduction in the chance of heart illness and cancer, fewer lung diseases, smaller rate of bone loss from osteoporosis. Have improved blood sugar control, and they delight in sturdier immune systems.
√ Choosing a vitamin C, we should target one that can improve blood levels so that you get the best quality supplement.


Forever  Absorbent C vitamin with Oat Bran:

Even though humans cannot synthesize vitamin C, every tissue and cell in our body needs this nutrient for healthy growth and repair.
Maintaining optimal levels of vitamin C is difficult because it is water soluble and cannot be stored in the body (become empty within 3-4 hours from the body). This inability to maintain high vitamin C levels is recognized by researchers as limiting its potential benefit, especially with regard to chronic illness.
For years,  scientists have been looking for ways to boost the impact of each dose of vitamin C. Fortunately,  Forever  researchers  method has been discovered to increase the  best way to  vitamin C is absorbed.

Forever Living Products Absorben C VitaminForever Absorbent-C vitamin with in Oat Bran which is unique formula and delivery where body can better absorbs, in addition to insure the highest quality and daily requirement for you.
Combined of 500 mg oat bran with the full 60mg Vitamin C.

Recommended to consume  every  3-4 hours  one capsule will.

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