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Forever Living Products the world’s greatest BIO apiary and honey processing plant.

Aristotle knew propolis as a natural help and people has been using it for thousands of years as a remedy for many illnesses.
Here is the best place to buy natural antibiotic such as Forever Propolis tablets or cream what we can use internally and externally depend how  we should  help ourselves and  many kind of beneficial effects for human body.


Check out Benefits of Propolis:

-natural antibiotic  is  natural material gathered by bees from the leaves, buds and bark of trees.This unique substance has been around for few thousands of years and has recently been rediscovered. Propolis is the most effective natural antibiotic in a tablet form. Also excellent sterilizing powers. That is how bees protect the wall of the beehives against bacteria. It has 41 different kinds of healing effects and addition to its anti-microbal effect it helps to kills germs and enhances the body’s immune system. Helps to heal itself body. Good help for kids flu and cold season or cases of inflammation.

Good to standby at home, its can be very helpful an emergency, such as fever, infection, cold season, viral infections…. 60 Chewable tablets in a bottle.

These miracle Bee product has no side effects:
- very important advantage, because we unfortunately consume  lot of undesirable chemical substances, which has side effects and that can cause other diseases. Bee Propolis even the ingestion of large quantities produces only a slight case of diarrhea, without other complication. Some people nevertheless could show sings of some small allergic reaction, which simply means that they should start with smaller doses.


Forever Propolis Cream with Aloe and Chamomile:


- rich mixture of Aloe Vera Gel with added benefit of Bee Propolis, chamomile and other valuable infection reducers. All components have an outstanding natural antibiotic germ killing effect. In additional, this unique combination blended with soothing herbs, vitamins which is  soothes conditions and regenerates, an excellent everyday moisturizer. Positive results may have been shown in using this ingredients for acne, scratches, burns, rashes,  eczema, fungal disorders, itching  and burning pains…strong and rich nutrients  helps the skin be healthy.
Bee Propolis tablets and cream has no side effects!

Forever Bee Propolis cream helps maintain beautiful skin tone and texture.

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