What determines the quality of the aloe vera gel?

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What rules to focus when you choose aloe vera gel?

Forever Living Products Aloe Vera Drinks
1) Aloe Vera needed to grow clean environment, where the air and land is chemical-free.
-Forever Living Aloe Vera plantation of Arizona, Mexico and Caribbean island where the climate best for it. Forever Living bought airspace  over the plantation which means aloe vera plant growing in a clean environment. Our company doesn’t use any chemicals to fertilization of the ground.

2) Need stabilization process:
-Aloe Vera very sensitive plant – when you cut the leaf of the plant and inside the beneficial gel contact with oxygen and sun-shine, the gel within a short time loosing the of 80% of over 250 kind of beneficial ingredients. Therefore aloe gel needed to stabilize.
Forever Living only has patented stabilized of aloe gel, which keeping all the beneficial ingredients.

3) Aloe Gel without water:
– We can find many kind of aloe vera gel in the public store. On the instruction    show us what kind of ingredients in the bottle. However, most of bottle of aloe gel comes with  water. Purest aloe gel doesn’t contain water.
Forever Living Aloe Vera gel pure and  natural  without water,  like  when you get gel  from inside  the fresh plant.

4) It is also noteworthy what kind of the preservatives add?
-In many cases, the natural aloe drinks contains chemical substances in order to preservation of ingredients. But preservation of the chemical substances used  unfortunately also ruins the otherwise in good quality of aloe vera gel. Thus do more harm than good.

Our Gel is preserved with cranberries.
Forever Living the  world’s largest grower, processor, delivery, research of Aloe Vera plant. Forever own hand these mentioned  processes. Use high quality of Aloe Vera gel from Forever.

Principal beneficial characteristics  of aloe vera gel.

1. For Detoxification:
-Due to the potassium which it contains, aloe vera helps to improves yourimmune system, the principal organs of detoxification. Aloe contains uronic acid which eliminates toxic materials with the cells.
The firs time aloe is ingested it tends to may cause a slight case of diarrhea because it can causes an initial cleansing of the intestines, from bacteria as well as from food stuck in the folds.

2. For Digestive:
-Aloe contains a great number of enzymes. Some enzymes are produced by the body (pancreas) but others are not, and these need to supplied to the body externally. In the digestive process the enzymes transform proteins by breaking them down into their amino acids components, carbohydrates into sugars (glucose), and fats into fatty acids. The transformed elements are then absorbed by the intestine and passed on to the circulatory system.
One component of Aloe, aloin, is used as laxative. The aloin is extracted from the outer rind of the leaf because appears to slow down the emptying of the stomach and to inhibit the release of excess hydrochloric acid and the enzyme pepsin.
We recommended to take aloe starting with low dose, one or two ounces a day then can increase this quantity.

3. For Energizer:
-Aloe helps to promote good metabolism, that is, the production of energy which the body needs. Also, because it contains Vitamin C, whic himportant for ideal function of the body’s organs. Vitamin C is not produced by the body and therefore we must provide it externally. This vitamin is very important in the strengthening of the immune system, and digestive system, and support vitality.

4. For skin:
Many people has good experience such as when they directly applied to the effected area of sunburn. mosquito bites on the skin etc…
Aloe vera is effective help externally , when is directly applied to the skin the stabilized gel also.

5. For  cells:
Aloe possesses a hormone that can helps to accelerates the growth new cells and, also helps eliminating the old one.
Due to the presence of Calcium in aloe, which helps to regulate the amount of liquid in the cells, internal and external equilibrium is maintained. This helps to rebuild healthy cells in the body tissues.

Aloe Vera Gel is the one of best natural synergically mix of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, Enzymes which is very beneficial help to balancing health in the  human body.

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