Forever Absorbent C, Benefits of Vitamin-C

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Forever Living Absorbent C Vitamin Complex High Value of Phytonutrients.

Why different Our Absorbent C Vitamin from other ?

Vitamin-C is water-soluble; therefore it can be easily depleted (3-4 hours). FLP’s patented a procedure of combining Absorbent  C vitamin with oats resulted in a sponge-like effect, will not deplete immediately, and by staying in the digestive system a longer period of time it works where metabolism takes place and the entire 100% absorbs continually.

Another reason is the  ingredients, like Phytonutrients. Those  compounds plants which is can be found highly colored vegetables and fruits (ripe under the sun, not  in the warehouses), colored pepper, but nuts,  and olive oil, flax seeds, tea, are all excellent sources as well. Phytonutrients is a beneficial effect to the body. Large amounts can be found of Phytonutrients  the various families of plants like the citrus fruits.

Forever Living Products Absorben C VitaminOur Vitamin-C comes from orange, papaya and other exotic fruit, and they are ripe under the sun.

Therefore High value of bioflavonoid.

Our Vitamin is high quality all of these ingredients, satisfies all requirements. Pleasant tasted, that is why the kids really love it.

Why we need to consume Vitamin-C supplement?

-because it is not produced by the body and for this reason it is necessary to take daily, either by food or beverages that contain it, or through nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, it increasingly difficult, that we get enough Vitamin C from vegetable, fruits etc., therefore we need to take  Vitamin-C supplement.
It has long been known for many beneficial effects, one of the most characteristic:

In the cold season’s essential nutritional supplements Vitamin C:

√ Highly alkalizing like lemon.
√ Boost the Body’s resistance.
√ Cleanser and powerful antioxidants.
√ Many people use with diet for lose weight ,( is  known  burn the fat tissue).
√ It is an indispensable factors in our nutrition particularly in case of weakened body.
√ The sportsmen and athletes one of the most important vitamins for healthy  bones and  joints.
√ Did you know that? Smokers  need more, (cigarettes deplete the body of vitamin C rapidly).


  In summary recommended to everyone who want to be a healthier life.  Our health is most important!




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