Pure Aloe Vera Gel- A must have Product that you would Regret Ignoring

pure aloe vera gelAloe Vera is the wonder plant that hundreds and thousands of people from all over the globe wish having in their homes. An absolute boon for skin, hair, and health, aloe vera has myriad therapeutic properties that make it one of the most sought-after plants around the world. Since the beginning of time, aloe vera has been the preferred choice of people, owing to its cooling, soothing, and moisturizingproperties thatare unmatched. If you too have been thinking to include aloe vera in your daily life, rest assured you are making a fruitful decision.

Making use of pure aloe vera gel will grant countless benefits to your skin, hair, and overall health. Not only your digestion will improve, but also the immune system support & function will get enhanced with aloe vera gel. If you have always longed for a product to keep your skin bright and healthy, without any doubt, you will find aloe vera gel to be the perfect solution. Learn that apart from ensuring dental health and hygiene, aloe vera gel will provide the best possible collagen and elastin support. As far as the hair is concerned, pure aloe vera gel will promote hair growth, reduce dandruff, condition hair, and maintain pH balance of the scalp.

But, that’s not all! There are countless aloe vera gel benefits that you will discover with its use. So, if ready to make a drastic change to your skin, hair, and health, go ahead and order aloe vera gel right away!

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Pure Aloe Vera Gel as a Nature Intended

Pure Aloe Vera Gel from the plant to processing.

Our Pure Aloe Gel is harvested by hand and our potent Aloe Vera gel is delicately separated from the leaf before being gently stabilized in a special,patented process. This all happens within hours of harvesting to provide you the purest, freshest Aloe Vera from plant to product to you.

Buy Forever Pure Aloe Vera gel

Pure Aloe Vera Gel;

Forever Living’s Aloe Gel is a close to the real things as you can get like slicing open Aloe leaf directly consuming the fresh gel from the plant.The first of kind to receive certification by the International Aloe Science Council, this rich combination of pulp and liquid provides the amazing benefits of Aloe Vera, just as nature intended.

Powerful Ingredients; At Forever, we combine pure Aloe Vera gel with natural and scientifically advanced ingredients selected to complement and enhance the benefits of Aloe. Our complete family of Aloe Vera drinks, skin care products and cosmetics bring the remarkable properties of Aloe to the entire body. Add to that our full line of supplements and nutritious bee products and you have a complete system to help you to looks better and feel healthier.

The Benefits of Pure Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe has been celebrated for thousands of years for its natural soothing, cooling and moisturizing properties.
Many people use Aloe to soothe minor burns or comfort and moisturized skin,but did you know there are many other scientifically proven benefits? Here are just a few reasons we know you will love our Ale:

01/Supports Healthy Digestion

Aloe Vera has natural cleansing abilities that help the digestive tract absorb nutrients from the foods we eat into the blood stream, while at the same time helps promoting friendly bacteria growth.


02/ Immune Support & Function
Aloe Vera contains unique polysaccharides and other nutrients that help to modulate and support the immune system, digestion ans all of organ in the body can enjoy the benefits of aloe vera. One of the best immune support including all the vitamin, minerals, amino acids what body needs for ideal immune function.

03/ Provides Rapid Soothing
Pure Aloe Vera Gel is legendary for its rapid soothing abilities for minor burns, and skin irritation. Also helps for the skin looking brighter, healthier and more velvety.

04/ Dental Health & Hygiene

A daily serving or two of Forever Aloe Vera Gel may support healthy oral hygiene! Aloe Vera is extremely beneficial for mouth and gums. We have pure aloe based personal care products like aloe tooth gel, aloe soap, shampoo-conditioner, aroma spa collection, massage lotion, bath gel  and much more for whole family member can enjoy.

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5/ Collagen & Elastin Support
Aloe Vera provides building materials to produce and maintain healthy skin and help combat sings or aging.


Forever Living Products offers patented procedures, the best kind of Aloe Vera products for a healthy lifestyle. Order today some of your favorite pure aloe vera gel, skin and personal care products and not least cosmetics products.

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Drink Fresh Pure Aloe Gel

Drink Fresh Pure Aloe Gel from Aloe Barbadensis Miller.


It is known that the aloe vera plant contains over 200 compounds that can give the most healthy nutrients for the human body if you use the best kind of gel or juice from the aloe plant.

Fundamental condition to obtain pure aloe gel:

✓ The plantation needs clean environment.

✓ Must meet the requirements of the International Aloe Science Council

✓ The best gel made from Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller. (More than 300 kind of aloe plant we know.

Why is important an stabilization process?
-The aloe vera plant contains its greatest nutritional properties at 2 to 3 years age. Including more than 200 different ingredients which are helps for body healing itself. But the plant very sensitive when you cut off the leaves from the plant those are need to process within 8 hours because later lose 80% of the effective ingredients .
This process call stabilization process. Only our biggest aloe vera company has own proprietary stabilization processing, which means that the company: Forever Living’s aloe gel preserves all the healthy benefits in the gelof the living plant.
This stabilization one of the most important in the production process that in order to we get the pure and rich natural ingredients in the aloe vera gel.

As we know aloe vera gel has a many miraculous health benefits what human body needed. Inter alia aloe vera contains uronic acid which eliminates to helps cleanse of the body, also rich of minerals, vitamins and amino acids which essential for healthy body. Try to consume daily for better health and wealth.



What is in Forever Gel and Aloe Vera Barbadensis?

Dink More Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel From Forever Living.

Aloe Vera has been 5000 years old reputation as a natural miracle medicine. Cleopatra’s beauty was said to be from this miraculous synergically aid of aloe vera plant.

Christopher Columbus said aloe was indispensable for curing ailments afflicting man’s well-being. The  plant comprises mostly water. The remaining portion contains active ingredients that include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and essential oils. Many health benefits can be obtained by taking aloe vera.
There is no another plant that together contains such as tremendous beneficial  properties what is  human body can process therefore that heal itself.

What is Aloe Vera ?

The semi-tropical plant,  has a long and illustrious history dating from biblical times. It has been mentioned throughout recorded history and given a high ranking as an all-purpose herbal plant. Aloe’s thick, tapered, spiny leaves grow from a short stalk near ground level. It is not a cactus, but a member of the tree lily family, know as Aloe Barbadensis.
There are over 250 species of aloe grown around the world. Of these, it is the ALoe Barbadensis Miller that has captivated the attention of man. Known more commonly as Aloe Vera, which in Latin means ‘True Aloe’, in Spanish called Savila, in Sanscrit it is Chrita-Kumari, in Chinese it is, in Portuguese it is Erva Babosa, in India it is Musabbar, in Jamaica it is called Single Bible, in Japanese it is Isha-Irasu, in Vitnamese it is called Lo Hoi, in Malaysia it is Lydia Byah.
The leaves of the Aloe plant grow from the base in the rosette pattern. Mature plants can grow as tall as 2 and a half inches to 4 feet with the average being around 28 to 36 inches in length. Each plant usually has 12-16 leaves that, when mature, may weigh up to three pounds. The plants can be harvested every 6 to 8 weeks by removing 3 to 4 leaves per plant.
The  plant is grown in warm tropical areas and cannot survive freezing temperatures. In the United States, most of the Aloe is grown in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, Florida and Southern California. Internationally, Aloe can be found in Mexico, the Pacific Rim countries, India, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Australia and Africa.
The thick, succulent leaves conceal an inner gel that has been used for centuries to maintain health and enhance beauty. Flourishing in warm, dry climates, both the Greeks and Egyptians valued it highly. Then, as the centers of civilization moved to cooler climates, the harvesting of this unusual plant declined and its benefit were forgotten.

Forever Pure Patented Stabilized Aloe Gel:

Our Gel, like most natural juices, both fruit and vegetable, is an unstable product when extracted,  Forever company stabilized the aloe gel by an patented  stabilized process, which means the Forever Gel keeps all of the more than  200  beneficial ingredients  which is for human body needed.
Now,using its own patented process to stabilize the nutritionally rich Aloe Vera Gel, Forever Living Products has unlocked the secrets of this valuable plant made them widely available in an  exciting range of aloe vera  from healthy pure aloe vera drinks to beauty products. What is aloe vera  stabilization?

The great success of experience the difference of Forever Living’s products  Aloe as a commodity for use in nutritional foods and cosmetics is due to the proper stabilizing procedures that enable processors to store and ship the Aloe Gel without fear of spoilage throughout the market places of the world. More information about of beneficial properties Forever Aloe Vera Gel.

Researches conducted around the world not leaves little doubt that certain biochemical properties of Aloe Vera will be proven facts. Such attributes as moisturizing and penetrating properties are known, but the attributes such as its healing abilities and analgesic action to bacterial activity .

Modern medical research on aloe vera began in 1935, when C.E.Collins, MD., and his son Creston followed the lead of the Seminole Indians and began treating burns, caused by the unsophisticated X-ray techniques of the time,with this plant. They discovered that the wounds healed more quickly and left less scar tissue when fresh aloe vera gel was applied than when other treatments were used.
The first extensive clinical tests using aloe  to treat third-degree radiation burns on white rats were conducted by Professor Tom Rowe of the Medical College of Virginia. His studies showed that regardless of the condition of the
leaves of the plant, was effective. Rowe also discovered that although the healing agent in aloe vera is concentrated in the rind, it is also present in the gel. Finally, Rowe discovered that the ointments prepared from the leaves were not effective. This was because the variable nature of the juice inside the leaves make it difficult to stabilize and use in a commercial preparation.

During the late 1960s, however, interest in aloe vera once more surged as methods for concentrating and stabilizing aloe vera were discovered. Stabilization prevents deterioration of the plant’s chemical activity, extending its shelf life and its effectiveness.
According to the NASC ( National Aloe Science Council), more than a thousand papers on the uses and effectiveness of aloe vera have been published be research scientists.
Hoang Van Duc, MD, DSc of the University of Siuthern California School of Medicine and an avid enthusiast states that “The gel of Aloe Vera-the “true” lily of the field-taken orally is very eficient in various chronic conditions ranging from skin allergies, asthma, hepatitis, hypertension, stomach ulcers, diabetes to arthritis.” 
Darius Ghaswala, M.D. F.A.C.S., a General Surgeon practicing in Phoenix,Arizona states that “Aloe has been found to be most effective in the speeding up and promotion of epithelialization of open granulating wounds. It has been used very effectively in conditions where healing is delayed due to diabetes, malnutrition, vascular disorders,etc.”
The International Aloe Science Council research articles.

What Beneficial Ingredients  is inside an Aloe Vera Barbadensis Leaf?

Aloe Vera contains over 250 known ingredients, which can be divided into the following groups:

1. Vitamins: It contains a wide range,but the most important ones are the antioxidant vitamins C and E and Beta-Carotene, the precursor of vitamin A. It is also one of the few plant sources in the world of vitamin B12 and folic acid-so very useful for vegetarians and vegans.
2. Minerals: Those included Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Calcium, Sodium, Potasium, and the important antioxidant selenium.
3. Amino Acids: The human body requires 22 amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, and aloe vera provides 7 of the 8 essential amino acids that cannot be manufactured by the body and which therefore have to be consumed as food.
4. Sugar: These include the important mucopolysaccarides which act on the immune system as well as helping to detoxify the body.
5. Enzymes: Lipases and protease which break down food and aid digestion.
6. Fatty Acids: important  to help body heal itself.
7. Lignin: This woody substance bestows on Aloe Vera its penetrative ability to reach deep into the third layer of skin.
8. Saponins: These are soapy substance that exert a powerful antimicrobial effect against bacteria,
9. Anthraquinones Complex: The most important ones are aloin and emodin, but altogether they are strong  anti-bacterial and virucidal activity. In their pure form, they are very powerful laxatives.

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Forever Aloe Vera Gel Stabilization

What it Means Patented Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel ?

Stabilized  superior quality aloe vera based products  only from Forever Living. 39 years successful experience on the market. Aloe Vera like most natural products and their juices had a limited shelf life which had severely limits its potential as a world market item. Because of it unstable nature, it was subject to degradation and decay due to micro-organism. Aloe Vera  very sensitive plant,  after harvest is need to process within 3 hours because the only way to retain the nutritional value. Forever company has proprietary stabilization process of aloe gel.

What beneficial properties of  Aloe Vera Gel?

One of the most successful companies, Aloe Vera of America, had obtained two stabilization patents that were found to provide a superior stabilized gel. Forever Living products acquired the assets of Aloe Vera America and quickly field and obtained approval on two additional patents. These refinements gave us a superior stabilization procedure which has become the basis of our stabilized Aloe Vera gel formula.
Once these successful stabilization methods were perfected, it was possible to expand the use of Aloe from the small rural  operations in selected, where Aloe grew, to distant world markets, where climates prohibited the growth of Aloe. Aloe was now ready for worldwide distribution and use.

**U.S.Patent Nos.4178372,4446131

These stabilization as a result now Forever Living Products L.L.C. the biggest aloe vera grower,  processor and sales company in the world.


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