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Forever Bee Products Beneficial Properties Known Around the World.

 Since the beginning of time man has been fascinated by the bee. The bee can sting, but it can also produce substances that have been used by man both for medicinal purposes as well as delicious foods. Writings from ancient Persia, the Hebrews all mention bee propolis and honey benefits.

  Bee Propolis  is known act as a natural antibiotic:



-the bees wax is used to strengthen and protect the beehive, therefore it is perfectly pure. Bees couldn’t leave the protection and security of their beehive in hands of elements of the kingdom … which are formed by the decomposition of that enter the swarm.To combat these, they discovered a resin that comes from the bark to trees which they process and use to close cracks in the honey comb. Today this resin is known as Propolis ,and it has fantastic antibiotic properties. Aristotle used propolis already antiquity, and Pliny used it as a beautifying for skin.

It has been proven that one of the characteristics of
Forever Bee Propolis is that it strengthens the defenses of the organism, or its immune system and has no side effects.
The chemically produced antibiotics destroy the intestinal flora. Propolis we have been using thousands years as a natural antibiotic which is helps to get energy for weakness body.Highly natural immune support. Forever Bee Propolis is 100% natural with no added preservatives or artificial colors.


Forever Bee Pollen and Honey Helps produce superior athletes:

Buyr Bee Pollen Forever Living Online Aloe Store-are the only food sources found that contain the 22 nutrients required for balanced nutrition, and thus for complete health. Its contains: pro-vitamin A (Beta -Carotene) Vitamin B1 ,2, 3, 5, 6, 12, Vitamin C, D, E, H, Folic Acid  and Minerals: phosphorius, Iron, Copper, Potassium, Manganese, Sulfur, Zinc, etc…
35 gr. of Bee Pollen daily fulfills the body’s daily requirement of protein.
In order for the body to correctly utilize bee pollen and to be assimilated by the intestine, it needs to be micronized, that is, ground up into extremely small particles. It should also be mixed perfectly to obtain a homogenous blend of pollen of all the region’s flowers. This way it will have an equal amount of all the nutritional components. These nutritional components contained in the pollen depend on the type of flower the bee gathers the pollen from.


Forever Royal Jelly  is Nature’s Vital Energy:

Buy-Forever-Royal-Jelly--It has been found that Royal Jelly helps give the Queen Bee a great vitality which  not only allows her to make thousand of eggs daily but also gives her a longevity of up to 30 times that of bees which don’t feed  on this nectar . Biologists and agriculturists have done studies to see if this product which does so much for the Queen Bee can have positive result for humans as well. They have found that they produce superb results of vitality and health.

Royal jelly is milky-white, gelatin-like substance that is produced by the worker bees through a gland that is found in its phalanx. No one knows for certain all of the beneficial effects, but what is known is that in humans it produces great vitality and high value of vitamin and nutrition supplement.

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