Forever Living Gin-Chia of Ginseng and Golden Sage

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Best Natural Energy Boost: Forever Gin-Chia & Golden Sage

Forever Gin-Chia with Ginseng and Golden sage

Let this healthy Forever Gin-Chia natural nutritional supplement as your power for daily use.

Gin-Chia nutritional supplement contains two special herbs. Abstract of Ginseng and Golden Chia. A psychical and physical energy power, enhancing stamina while increasing the body’s resistance.

Golden Chia health benefits:

-People call it North American SageIt have been used by Native American Indians in the US. After the turn of the century, we again realized the Golden Chia life-sustaining properties.


Golden Chia / Sage, a member of the Labiate family, produces great therapeutic effects, contains large amount of healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, and protein.
Sage may improve teeth and bad breath, and it has many more healthy beneficial advantages…

Our nutritional supplement: Gin-Chia contains another remarkable herb, it’s called Ginseng. Ginseng is legendary named “King of Tonics.”

Health benefits of Ginseng :

– We use benefits of the root of a plant, has been known for its therapeutic properties since 3000BC and its also known as a great adapter, that is to say that it helps to maintain normalize function of the body, reacting positive on the hormonal system.

√ Ginseng has many nutritive qualities of the body function.
√ – stimulating physical and energy activity, which is its most well-known effect.
√ – proper function of the endocrine gland, particularly the hypophysis, the supra renal, and the sexual glands.
√- can help increase endurance and stamina.
√- it may help maintain prostate health and potency.
√ – very powerful of antioxidant, which is helps to neutralize the free radicals, consequently your immune system will be stronger.
√- support healthy circulation of the body
√- maintain brain function and memory.
√ – no side effects have been determined from talking Ginseng.

These above ingredients are especially recommended:

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-this remarkable products combination of herbs give your body back what your busy lifestyle takes out. Recommended for sportspeople, and for those with a hectic lifestyle performing hard labor for long hours, for students in examination periods, and for those who are sensitive to weather changes, and/or to fight fatigue, for drivers to stay alert without the effects of coffee.


Forever Gin-Chia is a remarkable caffeine-free product to preserve energy and stamina without the negative side effects of caffeine.

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