Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein Shake Recipes

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Healthy Shake Lite Ultra with Aminotein Vanilla & Chocolate Taste from Forever Living Products.

Forever Living Ultra shake-Mix

In fact, Forever Lite Ultra contains 55% more protein and less than 1/2 the carbohydrates of regular Forever Lite power.

Shake your way to fitness with this assortment of healthy yet tasty meal
replacements your whole family  can enjoy!

UltraVanilla_LargeGive your body the nutrients it needs with daily Forever Lite Ultra shakes, which provide 100% of the RDI (Reference daily Intake) of vitamins and proteins for body building and cell growth and repair. Each shake also contains 18 amino acids, including essential, non-essential, and the branch-chain amino acids.
We’ve also added the antioxidant Beta carotene and vitamins A and E to help protect against free radicals, Forever Lite Ultra is an integral part of Forever’s Clean9 + Lifestyle F.I.T. programs,with each shake providing a great-tasting, nutritionally sound meal replacement.



Taste of Forever Living Freedom Shake:

Freedom_Large1 scoop Vanilla Lite Ultra
4 oz. Forever Freedom
4 oz. orange juice
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
Blend until smooth with crushed ice
180 calories

Forever  Living Peaches n’ Berries Shake:

Aloe-BitsNPeaches_Large1 scoop Vanilla
Lite Ultra
4 oz. Aloe Bits n’ Peaches
5 oz. skim milk
½ cup frozen raspberries
or strawberries
Blend until smooth with crushed ice
225 calories


Spicy Double Douch Chocolate Lite Ultra Shake:

ChocolateUltra_Large1 scoop Forever  Chocolate Lite Ultra
oz. Hot Skim Milk
1/4 tsp
4 oz. ginger
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
½ cloves
1tbsp. unflavored gelatin
Blend until smooth with crushed ice

200 calories


All of these recipes can be modified to taste and may be used with Forever Lite Ultra or regular Forever Lite powder. Soy milk or water may be substituted for skim milk. For optimum nutritional benefits, use fresh instead of frozen fruit or fruit flavoring extracts; add Forever Bee Honey as an excellent sweetener. All calorie totals are approximate.


 Chocolate- Rum Shake with Lite Ultra:

Buy Aloe Drinks Gel benefits1 scoop Chocolate Lite Ultra Shake
6oz. Milk
4oz. Aloe Gel
1tsp. Dark Rum
1/4 tsp. ginger
Blend until smooth with crushed ice


Natural Argi- Pomesteen  shake with Aminotein:

Argi_bag_sticks_Large1 scoop Vanilla Lite Ultra Shake
6oz. Skim Milk
4oz. Forever Pomesteen Drink
1 stick pack Argi +
½ tsp. Forever Bee Honey
Blend until smooth with crushed ice.

Sraberry banana lite-ultrashake


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