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You’ve heard about the benefits of Fiber before?

Forever Fiber for digestive constipation health

But you might not think they apply to you. You might also associate “Healthy Fiber” with prunes and constipation. In actuality, Fiber is for everyone and can be your secret weapon in helping maintain regularity and proper nutrient absorption.

If we look at some of the macro-nutrients as characters be cast as the ‘Hero’, Fat as the ‘Villain’, Carbohydrates as ‘supporting actors’ and Fiber, because it does not contain any nutrients like its co-actors, would most likely be cast as the strange, smelly and often misunderstood character that is dismissed as uninteresting and irrelevant.

However, to call ‘Fiber’ uninteresting and irrelevant’ couldn’t be further from the truth!

1. It aids in the absorption of nutrients.

2. It binds to the food and toxins in your intestines and keeps it moving through.

3. It helps maintain normal absorption.

4. One of the most important nutrition for ideal digestion function.

This is no simple task. Our Digestive System when stretched out is roughly 10 yards long, and it’s compacted into roughly 1,5 feet of space! Without Fiber, our body would have a difficult time keeping the food we consume moving through our body effectively. Think of Fiber as a big sticky ball that rolls through your small and large intestine picking up excess food and toxins, then eliminating them as waste.

Forever Fiber can also help lose weight: support feelings of fullness, so you eat less.

Forever Fiber can also help to support feelings of fullness, so you eat less.
Consuming a fiber supplement a half hour to an hour prior to meals can help you to feel full, thereby reducing your calorie consumption at mealtime. Fiber taken between meals can help curb cravings. This means Fiber is excellent part of a sensible diet and exercise program to help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Finally, adequate intake has been shown to support cardiovascular health as well, by helping to our 9 days body detoxification and lose weight program
So back to our characters in a play Fiber should be cast as your ‘Friend”.

In fact. Fiber is such a key part of our diet that most governments recommended we get between 25 to 30 grams per day.

The recommended daily intake of this healthy supplement in the US 25 is grams daily for women 38 grams for men. It turns out that we are only consuming an average of about half that amount.A big reason for this lack of Fiber in our diet is simply an inadequate intake of fruits, vegetables and whole grains…

Meat, fish and dairy products do not contain fiber. There are two different types of fiber, soluble and insoluble. Each type helps your body in different ways. A normal, healthy diet should include both types.

Forever Fiber;

provides a powerful blend of four unique types, designed to give 5 grams of health-supporting Fiber in every stick pack.  Added  to water, FLP Aloe vera gel, or other beverage, the supplement dissolves quickly and the stick pack is a convenient way to obtain extra Fiber in your daily diet, especially while you are at work or on the go! So don’t forget to toss a stick pack in your purse or lunch bag for that extra dose of healthy Fiber to keep things moving and support your body.

✔ grit-free,
✔  mild-tasting,
✔ gluten-free

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