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“Aloe Vera has a long association with Herbal Medicine”

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Early records as Aloe Vera uses appear in the Ebers papirus from 16th century BC, in both Dioscorides’ Materia Medicinan and Pliny the Elders’ NATURAL HISTORY  written in the min-first century CE along with the Juliana Anicia Codex prodused in 512 CE.

Aloe used widely in the traditional Herbal Medicine of China, Japan, Russia, South Africa, United States, India and Jamaica.

The reputation the Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra VII. beauty was rapidly spread around the world. Forever Living Products has more than 200 different kind of Aloe Vera and other herbs based  natural products.

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Forever Living Aloe Vera Drink Products:

Buy Forever Aloe Vera Drinks GelALOE VERA DRINKS
-Almost the same as if you open an aloe leaf and you get the gel directly from the live plant. Our Aloe Vera Gel is containing over 200 health promoting compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins.

Enjoy the benefits of Aloe Vera in four healthy varieties of fresh, stabilized pure aloe METABOLIZED gel – FLP Aloe Vera Gel, Aloe Berry Nectar, Bits n’ Peaches, Freedom, Aloe2Go, Freedom2Go. We have high quality of fruit based Pomesteen Power antioxidants and Natural FAB Boost Energy Drink with Guarana herb.

Forever Living Nutrition Products:

-Our Nutritional Supplement products are made from natural ingredients, grown or conform the best sources and produces with the most advanced technology. Each product retains its original nutritional value ,encouraging both good health and peace of mind. We have more than 25 different kind of Nutritional Supplement like :Forever Vitolize for Men & Vomen, KIDS Vitamin, Nature’s 18 multivitamin, Vitamin Absorbent C, Lycium Plus, Echinacea, Gin-Chia, Garlic-Thyme, Fields of Green, A-Beta-CarE, Ginkgo, Calcium, B12 Vitamin, Multi-Maca, Active Probiotic, Active HA, Nature MIN, ARGI+, Cardio Health, Forever ImmuBlend, Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3.


Forever Living Bee Hive Products :

ROYAL JELLY Gives your energy and metabolism a boost while combating stress and reducing the effects of aging.
BEE PROPOLIS is the protective substance gathered and used by bees to keep their hives sterile and infection-free.
BEE POLLEN is packed with easy absorbed vitamins A, C, D, E, K-complex, minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes, plant-source fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins and 22 amino acids.

HONEY is one of purest and delicious bee honey.


Forever Living Aloe Vera Skin Care Products :


-Aloe Vera is a close match to our skin’s PH balance. Aloe Vera is enhances activity of Fibroblasts- Fibroblasts are special sells found in the skin, that create Fiber such as Collagen and ellastin.


Forever Living Weight Management Products:

Forever Therm with green tea, green coffe beansWEIGHT MANAGEMENT

-It should taste good, direction to be easy to follow, boost energy levels, and of course, keep the pounds off. Good news! Our range of weight management products assists you in doing that and more. Try to use Forever Clean9 and F.I.T. program for better results.

Forever-F.I.T. cleansing and weight management program.


Forever Living Sonya Cosmetics Products :

Best Natural Forever Living LipstickSONYA COSMETICS
are one of the only Aloe Vera-based cosmetic lines in the world that delivers skin care and makeup in one. Sonya’s unique combination of natural ingredients, from pure aloe Vera and antioxidant vitamins, to marine extracts and chamomile, white tea, can help protect, nourish and soothe the skin.


Forever Living Sonya Skin Care Products :

Sonya Kit Forever Skin Care ProductsSONYA SKIN CARE
-Aloe Vera has a lofty coerce of Anti-Oxidants that helps rejuvenates the skin. Made from fresh Aloe gel and beneficial herbs extracts that helps your skin to be smooth, silky and healthy.



Forever Living Aloe Vera Personal Care Products:

Forever Best Aloe Vera Skin CarePERSONAL CARE
-Combining all the benefits of aloe vera gel with the high quality of ingredients to offer you a range of natural personal care products that are second to none. Excellent choice aloe vera based products inside and outside too!

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All FLP. products are made from natural ingredients generally recognized as being safe and providing nutritive assistance to the body.

Every person is different in their physiology and how they will utilize and respond to any particular food or nutrient.  The ingredients of aloe vera  and bee hive products are recognized at a biologically cellular level as either an essential nutrient or a precursor component – providing what a cell uses to operate efficiently.

All ingredients in the Forever Living  Health products are naturally regulated by the body.  Necessary nutrition finds its way to needy cells, the excess go out from the body.

Registered distributors are able to buy products up to 30% discount price!



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