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Natural Bee Hive Products: A Nutritional Source

With Forever Living, you are able to get an exhaustive range of 100% natural bee hive products that are processed by some of the greatest honey plants and the biggest Bio maintained apiary. Hive Products Instantly Give You Energy and It Is a Delicious Immune Booster too!

The Bee Hive Products consist of four varieties and they are:

  • ✔ Honey
  • ✔ Royal Jelly
  • ✔ Bee Propolis
  • ✔ Bee Pollen

All of them are made of high quality natural sources rich in vitamins and nutrition with no added preservatives. They are given to you directly from the bee hives.



Forever Living Bee Propolis is a Natural Antibiotic





The bees wax in this product is used to protect and make the beehive strong as it is wholly pure. Bees cannot leave the protection and security of their beehives in the hands of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other viruses that are created due to the decomposition of pests that have entered the swarm. To combat the infestation by virus they discovered a resin that comes from the bark of a tree that is processed and used to close cracks in the honeycomb. This resin is generally called Propolis and it is a natural no added artificial colorsor  preservatives, no side effects. Aristotle used propolis as a remedy for immune support.

There is another characteristic of bee propolis and this includes vitamins and antioxidants that helps it to strengthen the defenses of the organism and immune system.

Forever Living Royal Jelly




It has been observed that “Royal Jelly” gives the Queen Bee great vitality that not only allows her to make thousands of eggs every day but also gives her a longevity of up to 30 times of bees that do not feed on this nectar.

The color of this Bee Hive supplement is milky white. It is a gelatine-like substance that is produced by worker bees in a gland located in the phalanx. No one is sure of all the benefits of this substance however that are sources that states, it gives them vitality.

Royal Jelly has a large level of Acetylcholine and this substance is one of the main transmitters of the nerve impulses. The absence of this neuro chemical brings in the consequence of many disorders to the nervous system.

Royal Jelly includes minerals like Magnesium, Calcium, Chloride, Potassium, Sulphur, Chromium, Phosphorus (Vitamins: B1, B2, B5, B6, B1, C, D, H, Niacin, Inositol, Folic Acid) Protein, Nitrogen and Dextrose Extracts.

You are able to get an excellent source of better energy, vitality and health without hassle.

Forever Living Bee Pollen



Pollen is the only food source that gives you 22 nutrients that are needed in a balanced diet. This is essential for natural health and just 35 grams of Bee Pollen everyday fulfills the daily requirements of the body’s needs for protein. In addition to the minerals and the vitamins included, this component also has:

Fatty Acid, Pigments, Moisture, Amino Acids, Flavonoids which are a very important element for a healthy human body.

Bee Pollen and Honey also contain:

  • ◆ 3 to 20% Moisture
  • ◆ Waxes and Resins – Helps to Growth Steroids
  • ◆ Amino Acids – Amines
  • ◆ Lecithin, Nucleic Acids and Flavonoids
  • ◆ Phenol Acid

For effective human consumption Bee Pollen needs to be micronized. This means, it has to be broken into small particles. It should also be mixed well for obtaining a homogenous blend of pollen for all the nutritional components of the agent. The nutritional components that are contained in the Pollen depend on the type of flower the bee gathers the pollen from.

Bee Pollen enhances general health and is very effective for boosting energy levels and stamina in athletes.

For those trying to lose weight the pollen helps to balance levels of protein in the body.  There are 28 minerals that have been found in the body out of which 14 are essential to the body. Bee Pollen has all 28 needed for good health.


Forever Living Bee Honey Contains Natural Carbohydrates – The Storehouse Of Natural Goodness




This product has natural sugar, fructose and glucose with high calorie levels. It is easy to digest, containing more than 190 different nutrients. The honey contains most vitamins and it is rich in trace elements that are indispensable for all the enzymes, proteins, amino acids and catalysator of cell metabolism in the body. Honey is natural sweetener, easily digested. Quick energy for your body.

The complete utility of honey lasts till it does not undergo the heating process. If it does, this destroys the valuable effect of honey.

The regular consumption of honey enhances the performance and condition of the body. It acts like a super gas to the organism as its metabolism needs little oxygen.

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Bee Products act as a natural energy booster with no preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.

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