Forever Clean 9 lose weight program testimony

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Forever Clean 9 body detoxification and lose weight program.


Nowadays, there is more and more obese people. Unfortunately, this is not just an  appearance problem, but the cause of formation of several diseases, just to name a few: high blood pressure, heart attack, joint problems, high cholesterol etc.
What is the reason that we get fat? Weight gain caused most of time from the body that can not digest the toxins, therefore the body stores the toxins in fat. Best and effective is if you find a program for detoxification.
Good news! Forever Living created  Clean 9 weight management program that is nutritionally balanced, aloe vera based and provides the body to detoxify and help loose weight at the same times.

I have been doing this detoxification, lose weight program 1-2 times yearly.

I  would like to share with you my excellent experience, how I doing my detoxification journey.

You need to order the following products:

Forever Clean9 pack for loose weight
Forever Clean 9 program order:
-3 bottles of Aloe Vera Gel
-1 pouch of Forever Lite Ultra with Aminotein
-1 bottle of Forever Garcinia Plus
-1 bottle of Forever Bee Pollen

First 2 days instruction:

  • breakfast: 2 pc Garcinia Plus softgels , Aloe Gel 4oz, and after 20 minutes I am going to go running for about 30 minutes
  • snack: 2pc Bee Pollen tabletslunch: 2pc Garcinia Plus-
  • lunch: 4oz Aloe Gel, 2pc Bee Pollen tablets and  Lite Ultra Vanilla Shake with minimum 8 oz water
  • dinner: 2pc Garcinia Plus- 4oz Aloe Gel, 2pc Bee Pollen tablets
  • nack: 4oz Aloe Gel

In the first 2 days I have not felt hard hunger, I was drinking a lot of Forever Blossom herbal tea and the third day, in the morning, I checked my weight and I was very happy the result .

I continued Celan9 program:
3-9 days: I  consumed  from the third day continuously until end of the 9th day, sort by instruction, the following products:

  • breakfast: 2 pc Garcinia Plus softgels , Aloe Gel 4oz and Forever Lite shake with minimum 8 oz water and after 20 minutes, I will go running about 30 minutes
  • snack: 2pc Bee Pollen tablets
  • lunch:2pc Garcinia Plus- 4oz Aloe Gel,2pc Bee Pollen tablets, Lite Ultra Vanilla Shakewith minimum 8 oz water, 2pc and Bee Pollen tablets
  • dinner: 2pc Garcinia Plus- 4oz Aloe Gel, 600-Calorie Meal and 2pc Bee Pollen tablets
  • snack: Min. 8 oz. of water or tea.


I had a very good experience with this wonderful Clean 9 products because at the end of the 9 days program  I felt more power and more energy! I made through in the 9 days program without hunger feeling. I highly recommend for you even if you don’t want lose weight because if you thin don’t worry here is good news for you; in the 9 days program not burn your muscles only just the fat.

without hunger feeling.Forever Clean 9 meal after 2 days

BUY  your Forever Clean 9 Weight Management Products.


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