Istvan Halmi & Rita Halmi in a Forever Living Business

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 Forever Leaders Istvan Halmi & Rita Halmi Diamond Sapphire Managers and their son Bence .

Rex Maughan SEO,  Rita & Istvan Halmi Leaders

Rex Maughan SEO, Rita & Istvan Halmi Leaders

How does one become a successful leader?         

    Forever give you all keys and tools what you need in order to achieve all of your dreams!
Since 1978 when Forever Living Products is created, many wonderful story have been the prove that Forever give excellent opportunity for everyone who like to have better health and wealth and more success in their life.
Our opportunity for everyone and everywhere all over the world.
Here is the story of this successful couple and their young son who provides Forever opportunity for the new generation!
Istvan Halmi and Rita Halmi Diamond Sapphire Managers in Hungary.  They started their business a decade ago and by now they are one of the most successful leaders in Forever Living business.
In this 10 minute video, they are sharing some of the  experience on the Forever Global Rally stage in 2013 on Hawaii.
Their son Bence Halmi, 20 years old young boy who achieved Manager level in a very short time. Bence show the way to the new generation, how they can earn big amount of money, achieve success in short period of time with Forever Living. 

“I will be the youngest Diamond Manager in the Forever business”.  Bence said on the global rally stage.                                                                      

Go Diamond Bence!
Enjoy the following video and start your own business.  Your success is up to you!
We are here to support and help you !


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