Forever Arctic Sea including Omega-3 Fish and Calamari Oil

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New and Improved Forever Arctic Sea, Blend of DHA -rich Calamari Oil.


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The primary cause of cardiovascular disease (coronary heart disease, heart attack, angina and stroke) is a disorder called atherosclerosis, in which fat deposit, called plaque, build up in the walls of arteries. This buildup ultimately causes the openings inside the arteries to narrow, choking off the flow of blood and exigen. If to much plaque builds up, the lack of oxigen eventually damages the organs served by the arteries. When blood flow to the heart is cut off, a heart attack occurs: when the brain is affected, a stroke results. Try Forever Arctic Sea  Ultra-pure Omega-3, Nutritional Fish Oil and High Oleic Olive Oil.

On  Greenland the Eskimos who consume lot of fish, they are reduces risk of heart-attacks. There is rare disease the heart attack of them. Fish oil and Omega 3 is optimal health benefits, principality to cardiovascular system and blood circulation .
Linolenic acid can be converted into eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA),wich is the precursor to 3 series prostaglandins (Favorable prostaglandins). Prostaglandins of the series 1 and 3 are favorable prostaglandins, while prostaglandins of the 2 series are no “good”. The reason is: Prostaglandins of the 2 series promote platelet stickiness, bad factor that contributes to hardening the cardiovascular system.

Another  important omega 3 oil is the DHA Docosahexaenoico acid.
Omega-3 fatty acid -often called “fish oils” because (surprise !) they abound in many fish -are naturally occurring fats that seen to help reduce the risk of heart disease by keeping arterial walls clear and preventing blood clots from lodging in them. If eating two or more serving a week of salmon, mackerel, sardines, bluefish, or other omega-3 rich fish isn’t your thing, you can get the same benefits by taking daily new and improved Forever Arctic Sea Omega-3 nutritional supplement.

Forever Arctic Sea complete nutritional helps including high quality of Calamari oil, ultra-pure Omega-3fish Oil, Oleic Oil and Natural Vitamin E.

This unique blend is exclusive to forever living and provides not only 33% more DHA per day, but creates the perfect balance of DHA and EPA for optimal health blood circulation and wellness.

Omega-3 possible benefits:

Best Arctic Sea Omega 3 and caramari fish oil


-Supports healthy cardiovascular system.
-Promotes cognitive function, healthy brain and memory.
-Pure source of DHA and EPA.
-Support healthy lungs, bowel, eyes skin.
-Responsibly sources and Ocean friendly.
-No fishy aftertaste or unpleasant burping.

Arctic Sea Omega-3 is includes of  Vitamin E:

-for years Vitamin E has intrigued scientists as a possible means to slow the advance of disease, and maybe even stop the aging process. Because Vitamin E has antioxidant properties (antioxidants keeping those dangerous free radicals in control), researches thought that it may be able to halt the rampant destruction that leads to degenerative disease and cell death.
Most of the studies about vitamin E’s powers – helps reduce risk factors many of degenerative disease.

Vitamin-E helps: stay young and slow the process of aging due to oxidation, neutralize free radicals and in addition supplies oxygen to the body giving it stronger resistance. Many laboratory studies have shown that adding vitamin E to plasma helps LDL cholesterol to resist oxidation. Recent research suggests that this effect of vitamin E (and, perhaps, the other antioxidants) may help prevent coronary heart disease in humans.

Antioxidants also may play an important role in preventing cardiovascular problem.
Antioxidant nutritional supplement of Forever Products: A-Beta-CarE, Ginkgo Plus (of Ginkgo Biloba), Fields of Green, Lycium Plus, Echinace Supreme.
In 2011 the  Forever dedicated  NEW ARGI+ including of L-Arginine and many of beneficial ingredients together with Arctic-Sea nutritional supplement is complete help for your healthy cardiovascular system.

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Forever Arctic Sea for Cardiovascular Health!

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