Rex Maughan Founder / Chairman of the Biggest Aloe Company

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Rex Maughan Founder  CEO of Forever Living Products.

  An alumnus of Arizona State University Business Schoo, Rex Maughan has built an international network of diversified companies that span the globe. Forever has been listed as Arizona’s largest privately owned company for many years.It was opened 1978 in Arizona, Phoenix where head office operating even nowadays

Rex Maughan CEO and Founder of Forever Living ProductsRex is a visionary who cares passionately about people and the world we all share.

The following is an eagle’s eye view of a few of his exceptional contributions to business ,organizations and charities in the U.S. and other countries worldwide .



REX MAUGHAN Founder and Past Director, President and Chairman of the International Aloe Science Council. Includes into the International Aloe Science of Fame, 2002.

Doctor of Human Letters, honors cause, in recognition of his exceptional business accomplishments, substantial contributors for Arizona State University ,and his inspirational commitment to service.

 Doctor of Philosophy Medicine Alternative Institute (1962) Sri Lanca. The Open International University for Complementary Medicines .

Past President and Member of the Phoenix Building Owners and Managers  Association.

Director and Past Chairman for 17 years, of the National Park Hospitality Association, representing over 100 members in over 50 national park.
-Financing and constructing of a local school for 250 students on the Island of Savaii, Samoa…..he has many more recognitions but short the place in here.

Message from Rex Maughan : “Our success:each individual must define what success truly means in their life. At Forever, we work tirelessly to create the vehicle to help everyone achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations.”

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