Forever Aloe Vera Gel Stabilization

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What it Means Patented Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel ?

Stabilized  superior quality aloe vera based products  only from Forever Living. 39 years successful experience on the market. Aloe Vera like most natural products and their juices had a limited shelf life which had severely limits its potential as a world market item. Because of it unstable nature, it was subject to degradation and decay due to micro-organism. Aloe Vera  very sensitive plant,  after harvest is need to process within 3 hours because the only way to retain the nutritional value. Forever company has proprietary stabilization process of aloe gel.

What beneficial properties of  Aloe Vera Gel?

One of the most successful companies, Aloe Vera of America, had obtained two stabilization patents that were found to provide a superior stabilized gel. Forever Living products acquired the assets of Aloe Vera America and quickly field and obtained approval on two additional patents. These refinements gave us a superior stabilization procedure which has become the basis of our stabilized Aloe Vera gel formula.
Once these successful stabilization methods were perfected, it was possible to expand the use of Aloe from the small rural  operations in selected, where Aloe grew, to distant world markets, where climates prohibited the growth of Aloe. Aloe was now ready for worldwide distribution and use.

**U.S.Patent Nos.4178372,4446131

These stabilization as a result now Forever Living Products L.L.C. the biggest aloe vera grower,  processor and sales company in the world.


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