Healthy Metabolism: Vitamin, Fiber, Low-carb & High-carb Food

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How it Works for Low-carb or High-carb Foods in the Metabolism?

 Natural Metabolism Boost:

-That high-carb spaghetti, rice pilaf, bean chili, baked potato or bread has another advantage. It actually boost your metabolism, speeding up your calorie-burning for hours after a meal. Here is how is works: Carbohydrates increase your natural production of hormones, called thyroid hormone and noradrenaline, both of which step-up your metabolism. The result is faster calorie burning that begins automatically. The increased metabolism peaks about 30 to 90 minutes and continues for hours after the meal.
For people who like technical explanations, here is what happens. Your thyroid gland is at the base of your neck, under called T4. The name refers to the fact that four iodine atoms are attached to it. Carbohydrate-rich foods turn T4 into a much  more powerful hormone by removing one of these iodine atoms The resulting hormone, now called T3, increase the calorie-burning speed in your cells, just as stepping on the gas pedal of your car increases the rate at which the car burns gas.
So high-carb foods are great for help to burning calorie.

Diet and  Carbohydrate-rich  Foods.

Diet that are very low in complex carbs can do the opposite, turning T4 into an inactive hormone called reverse T3, slowing  down your metabolism and short-circuiting your change for success. The thyroid boost is only half the story of your improved calorie-burning. Carbohydrate-rich  foods also increase your body’s production of another hormone,called noradrenaline, a  close relative of adrenaline, and it adds to your ability to burn calories.

So carbohydrate-rich foods are the best friends of anyone trying to slim down. They are naturally low in calories, they cannot easy add to your body fat, and they help boost your metabolism for hours, so calories are burned off faster.
Now here is a critical point: Complex carbohydrates are found only in plants. Grains, such as a bread, spaghetti , and rice are loaded with them . The same is true of beans and vegetables. But, animal products are a different story altogether.  There are no complex carbs in chicken, fish, beef, pork, eggs, or dairy products. The more animal products you put on your plate, the more carbohydrate-rich vegetable foods you are pushing  off it. Even worse, because chicken, fish and other animal products do not have any complex carbs, they can encourage the inactivation of thyroid hormone, and your metabolism can actually slow down as a result. That is one reason why the most powerful weight-control programs use vegetarian menus.

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Forever Fiber for digestive constipation metabolism health

Fiber and Plants.

Buy Forever Fiber for healthy metabolismThere is an added bonus to foods from plants.
Plants  are rich in fiber, which adds a hearty texture to foods but has a virtually no calories. Fiber is what people used to call roughage, the part of plants that resists digestion in the small intestine. Its value was not appreciated until relatively recently, and so it is often removed by refining methods. The result it white bread instead of whole-grain breads, white rice instead of brown rice, and baked goods that are more densely packed with calories and less satisfying that they should be. Like complex carbs, fiber is not found in fish or chicken or other animal products. By: Neal Barnard, M. D.

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